A cruise on the Flying Fish is only one of the many things you can do during your stay in Altinkum. Here are some of our suggestions of how to make the most of your time in Turkey:

Catching dinner

1. Eat balik-ekmek straight from the sea. Balik-ekmek, or freshly caught & toasted fish between two chunks of fluffy bread, is a classic Turkish snack, and one you probably won't be able to find easily in Altinkum. Why not catch your own on a fishing trip with us, and watch the captain prepare it and cook it for you on the barbeque on board? How far? On your doorstep. How much? Fishing trips cost 20 GBP per person, click here for more information.


The secret of Sleepy Valley

2. Visit the caves of Uyku Vadisi and bathe in the water from the water-wheel. Uyku Vadisi, or Sleeping Valley, is one of the area's best-kept secrets, and is tucked away on the road to Bodrum. You'll find very little written about it in English - and who can blame the Turks from wanting to protect such a beautiful place from the tourist hordes? But a trip to Uyku Vadisi might become another of the highlights of your holiday. Hire a vehicle & experienced driver and visit a totally different side of Turkey. Entrance is to the valley is free, and there's an excellent - and cheap - traditional restaurant nearby too. How far? A day trip. How much? 200 GBP for a 9-seater + driver/guide for the day, ask for more details.

Temple of Apollo at Didim

3. Take in the Temple of Apollo and the ancient cities of Miletos & Priene. These three classical sites will take your breath away, and you'll wonder why such remarkable remains aren't a bigger part of Altinkum's tourism marketing. 6,000-year-old Apollo Temple was once the largest temple in the known world, while Priene, tucked up in the pine-forested hills near Soke, looks down on the huge flat plain that is home to Miletos. Incredible to think that both Miletos and Priene, now so many miles from water, were once buzzing commercial ports servicing the merchant routes of the Aegean sea. How far? A day-trip. How much? 150 GBP for a 9-seater + driver/guide for the day, click here to ask about booking. Or... Don't fancy a day trip? On a budget? The Temple of Apollo is on Didim's doorstep, and you can hop on a local bus and guide yourself round for less than 5 GBP per person.

Bafa Lake from Kapikiri

4. Discover the beauty of an ancient lagoon. Bafa Lake was once part of the Aegean. Centuries of silting from the River Meander mean that it's now far inland. On one side is a wildlife sanctuary and on the other, the lakeside village of Kapikiri with its stone houses, donkeys, lace-making pantalooned ladies, wooden boats, traditional food and monastery ruins. You'll need a car to get there, and to get from one end of this huge lake to the other, How far? A day-trip. How much? Car hire for a day is about 30 GBP, or 150 GBP for a 9-seater + driver/guide for the day. find out more.

Didim D-Marin yacht marina5. Have a luxurious breakfast at the Didim Marina Yacht Club. Didim's D-Marin boat marina has only been open a handful of years and remains a well-kept secret. But you can hop on a bus to its pristine environs and enjoy a fabulous buffet breakfast, a swim, and a gaze at some of the world's most luxurious yachts - this marina is one of the few in Europe capable of lifting 100-metre craft and they come here for their annual upkeep. How far? Down the road. How much? A local bus fare plus 25 lira per person.

  View from Ephesus stadium